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Jean-Philippe SECHAO
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Web Site :


  • CV : Word version

  • Expert / Consultant
    BroadVision / e-Architecture & e-Software Design


    Methods & Designing UML, POO, RAD, MERISE
    Programming Languages Java (J2SE et J2EE), SSJS, PHP, ASP, VBA, C/C++, HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, PL/SQL
    Operating Systems Unix (Solaris, HP-UX), Linux, Windows 2000/NT/XP/9x
    Data Base Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, Sybase, MS-Access, ODBC
    Technologies & Concepts Multi-Tiers Architecture, MVC (Struts), Content Management, personalization, profiling, Electronic Docmuent Management

    Internet, MiddleWare & Application Servers

    BroadVision, NS SuiteSpot, iPlanet, MS IIS, Apache HTTP Server, Tomcat/Catalina, Weblogic, ServletExec, NSAPI / ISAPI / ASAPI / CGI

    Development Tools

    IBM WSAD 5.0, IBM Visual Age For Java, MS Visual Studio 6.0, AMC-Designor 5.1, Forte 4 (CE), JDK 1.x, Jbuilder4, Dreamweaver MX, Apache JMeter1.8
    e-Solutions BroadVision Portal, Business et Retail Commerce, Retail Finance, spip, eZ publish, OpenCMS, phpNuke
    Others MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Project, Rational Rose, Together, WS-FTP, CuteFTP, …
    Network & Protocols HTTP, FTP, TCP/IIP, SMTP, SNMP


    2000 : Servlet / xml (J2EE), Network development (TCP/IP – J2SE)
    2000 : Enterprise Server Administration and development / DCC / Publishing Center
    ISO9001 Transiciel certification project management.
    1999 : Microsoft Mastering VB - activeX (COM/DCOM) components
    1998 : DUT in Computer Science for management – IUT de Blagnac (dept 31 - France)
    1995 : DEUG Science de la vie – University Paul Sabatier at Toulouse (dept 31 - France)
    1992 : Baccalauréat D – High Scool « Rive Gauche », Toulouse, France.
    Languages :
    English : read, written and spoken
    Spanish : High Scool level (not practised)


    September - October 2003 :

    Design and GPL solutions integration & specific developments
    Project : Consulting Services presentation
    • Content management using WYSIWYG tool, categorization, administration
    • Data Base Dump/restore and fully system configurations
    • Multilingual system (n languages - content to be completed)
    • Optimisation using integrating cache manager
    • Indexation and search engine
    • On line multilingual survey tool integration
    • Contact mail form and mail inform friend form
    • Community room (News, article, forum, - content to be completed)
    • Personalized e-mailing tool and tracker system when navigating on the web site
    • Externalized Hosting VHFFS (UNIX)
    • Technologies : PHP3, PHP4, Java, JavaMail, apache HTTP server, spip, sympoll, Jakarta ANT, Jakarta JAMES, MySQL, phpMyAdmin.

    Mai 2003 : BroadVision technical advisory & expertise

    Customer : BroadVision France
    Project : B2B Portal (Apache 2, BroadVision 7, WebLogic 7, Oracle 9i , SUN Solaris 9)

    • BroadVision Expertise :
      • Production and backup sites configuration
      • Industrialisation and Datas export/import automation (staging process)
      • Static files deployment automation (staging process)
      • Intervention report.

    Customer : BroadVision France
    Project : B2C Online Games Portal (Apache 2, BroadVision 7, Oracle 9i, HP-UX 11)

    • BroadVision Expertise :
      • Packages installation
      • Production site configuration using "large mode"
      • Application deployment.
      • Intervention report.

    January 2002 to January 2003 : IHM Conseil

    Customer PSA Group dept. Sell and Distribution – 04/2002 to 12/2002
    Project Peugeot.Pays : Peugeot trademark website portal

    • Expertise and Consulting in architecture, software design and exploitation.
    • Debugging, development and performances optimization (Design reengineering)
    • Design and development of BroadVision J2EE prototype multi-country and multilingual (Apache-Jakarta Struts), development rationalization.
    • Support and technical Assistance for Installation/configuration/development (Java, SSJS, BroadVision, iPlanet, Connect Entreprise, Oracle)
    • Technical overview of differents back-office solutions for BroadVision
    • Customer Training (project and prototype documentation, javadoc, etc.)

    Customer Groupe PSA dept. Architecture - 01/2002 to 03/2002

    • Consulting and Expertise of BroadVision products
    • Support, valuation and recommendation for system architecture and configuration.
    • Writing of BroadVision technical reference guide for PSA's system architecture.

    June 2000 to December 2001 : SMART-UP

    Customer Groupe PSA dept. Methods and Tools – 06/2001 to 12/2001

    • Consulting and Expertise of BroadVision products and tools
    • Consulting in Multi-Tiers Architecture
    • Technical Assistance for the migration of BroadVision from version 5.0 to 6.0
    • Writing of BroadVision technical reference guide for PSA's methods and tools

    Customer BanqueAGF – 05/2001 to 06/2001
    Project : AGF Group's Online Bank
    • Consulting and before-sale assistance to the webagency Orange-Art to win the project and the customer BanqueAGF
    • Technical audit and recommendation for the website optimization and reengineering for the migration from BroadVision 4.1 to BroadVision 6.0
    • Consulting and design recommendation for applicative security.

    Customer Société Générale – 03/2001 to 05/2001
    Project : Asset management, specialized in hedge management and insurance on stocks options values.

    • J2EE Development on BEA WebLogic 5.1 : Java Server Page, JavaBean and JavaClasses

    Customer FORTIS France – 06/2000 to 02/2001
    Project : online stock markets broker and online banking

    • Front-end’s Lead Developer : development strategy definition and implementation.
    • Fully customized services, resources and constraints analysis conducted to a design integrating personnalization, profiling, content management, realtime feed and need of evolutivity.
    • Support and technical assistance to the project front-end team composed of 5 entry-level engineers
    • Development’s platform set up and administration
    • Respect of the planning, schedule of conditions and costs.
    • Refining and customer training : design and development guide, technical project Workshop.

    January to Mai 2000 : TRANSICIEL Ingenierie

    Customer GEMPLUS – 01/2000 to 05/2000
    Project : production process rationalization

    • System testing leader for the validation of a distributed application (Java/Corba)
    • Design and ASP development : Intranet-based production tracking system refining (chip, scratch and magnetic cards).

    September 1998 to December 1999 : NETSYSTEM

    Customers : ACCOR Group – THOMSON – AVIS – PSA – Cap Gemini

    • Development for differents Intranet-Based solutions (ASP).
    • Development and support of contrat management application based on MS Access.
    • Technical Assistance to differents customers (ASP / VB / VBA / ACTIVE X)
    • NetSystem/DTC LAN administrator (about 50 hosts).

    April 1998 to August 1998 : EDF – C.N.P.E Golfech (nuclear thermal power station - dept 82 - France)

    Training course of end of study.
    Project : Management tool of the park of housing of the CNPE

    • Studies, process analyzes and design using merise
    • Database design and development under MicroSoft Access.
    • Client/server deployment
    • Transfer of competence (design, development and user guide, training)

    Intégration technique Méthodes et solutions


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